California Cyclist Struck and Killed by Car.

An 85 year-old unidentified Southern California man was struck and killed on Thursday in a bicycle accident involving a Ford Focus. The bicycle accident occurred on a sharp curve on Highway 1 near Bodega Bay, California. 

The unidentified man was struck by the car of David Tryon, 64, of Berkeley, CA, who told police that the cyclist was riding north in the southbound lane and that the bike veered across the road in front of his car.

Tryon had to be cut free from the wreckage, but suffered only minor bodily injuries resulting from the car accident. He was taken to the Palm Drive Hospital for emergency room treatment after his car came to rest in a ditch.

A passer-by attempted CPR on the unidentified cyclist, but it is believed that he died upon impact, or soon thereafter, according to emergency personnel on the scene.

Bodega Bay Fire Chief Sean Grinnell says that the cause of the bicycle accident is unclear, but that strong winds may have played a role. He also indicated that the biker suffered multiple traumatic personal injuries, including major head trauma, and that he was visiting the area with a cycling group at the time of the fatal crash.

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