British Police Dog Bites Innocent Man On His Doorstep.

Azmat Farooq was returning home from his job as a chef at a Marriot Hotel in the UK when a British police dog that had been involved in a search for a man alleged to have been stealing alloy from car wheels bit him in the leg, causing serious injuries.

Farooq was dropped off at his home in Manchester during the early hours of the morning by his friend, Az Mahmood, when a British police dog set upon him and locked its jaw around his leg.  The dog was searching for a suspect who had allegedly been stealing the alloy from wheels of cars.  Farooq just happened to be on the same street as the dog and there is no evidence that he did anything to arouse suspicion or provoke the vicious attack.  Farooq suffered a wound that is four inches long and an inch deep and was taken to the hospital for treatment of the wounds on his leg.  The police dog that bit Farooq has lost its license.

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