Alleged Boston, MA Killer Attacks Three Women and Pleads Not Guilty.

Edwin Alemany was arraigned in South Boston District Court on August 14, 2013 for multiple criminally charges brought as a result of Alemany’s alleged attack on multiple women in late July of this year.

Alemany is charged with attempted murder, assault and assault with a deadly weapon.  The attacks occurred on July 23rd and 24th, 2013. Two women survived after suffering varying degrees of personal injuries, but Amy Lord was killed between the attacks on the survivors.  Her body was found on July 23rd.  Alemany’s arraignment for the murder charge will take place in West Roxbury District Court.

Allegedly, Alemany told his first victim that he was not going to rob her, just kill her.  After he realized she was not the woman he was looking for, the prosecuting attorney says he apologized to the woman.  During the July 23rd attack on the first woman, he allegedly punched the woman in the face and dragged her into a parking lot by her legs.  The third attack involved him stabbing the woman in the face, neck and stomach.

Alemany has a long police record.  His attorney, Jeffrey Denner, said Alemany had a history of mental illness and of taking anti-psychotic medicine.  When he was evaluated at Bridgewater State Hospital over the last few weeks, Judge Thomas Horgan deemed him fit to stand trial.  Denner told news reporters that it was a very sad situation for so many reasons, something the families know too well.

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