75 Year-Old Tourist is Assaulted By Cab Driver After Refusing to Pay Outrageous Cab Fare.

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While at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, a 75 year-old Russian tourist received quite a shock. He hailed a cab and asked to be taken from one terminal to another within the same airport. The ride only lasted about a minute, and he was transported less than 100 feet within the airport. However, when it came time to pay for his cab fare, he was charged an exorbitant amount, a shocking $149 for the ride.

When the elderly man from Moscow refused to pay the high fare, the cab driver, Wayne Walker, locked the car’s doors and refused to let him out. Walker then proceeded to beat the elderly gentleman until his face and clothes were covered with blood. When he finally unlocked the doors, the Russian tourist began calling for help and police at the scene apprehended Walker.

There is no further information at this time as to what criminal charges, if any, have been filed, or whether the Russian tourist plans to file a lawsuit.

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