30 Complaints Filed Against Sriracha Hot Sauce Producer.

Those with a penchant for spicy cuisine may be familiar with Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, a throat-burning hot sauce often used in anything from complex Asian dishes to simple scrambled eggs. Fans of the sauce are stocking up this week after production of the condiment was suspended when 30 people filed complaints against Sriracha producer Huy Fong Foods.

The 655,000 square foot factory filled with the sauce is allegedly causing personal injury to both workers and neighbors of the factory. The injuries are thought to stem from the sauce’s ingredients, which are causing irritation particularly to workers’ eyes and throats, as well as causing severe headaches. The “unbearable odor” that fills the factory also wafts to residences nearby. One family claimed they had to move an outdoor birthday party inside after the stench caused many guests to experience extreme discomfort.

On the basis of the odor alone, Irwindale, California, where the factory is located, filed a suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Huy Fong Foods. In the suit, they stated that “the odor was a pubic nuisance.” They have asked the judge to halt production of the sauce “until the smell is reduced.”

In the meantime, workers at the factory are looking for compensation or relief for the intense discomfort that working with the product has caused them. Anyone familiar with the sauce knows that one squirt alone can cause eyes to water and the nose and throat to burn, so workers forced to be around the product for hours are stating that something must be done to prevent further injury to the factory employees.

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